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A Mobile Fingerprinting Service That Travels To You !

Book and pay online, it's that easy!

Why JoCo Mobile Fingerprinting?

How it Works

How It Works

We travel to you and provide services in the convenience of your home, business, or even a local library, making this one of the easiest processes to get your fingerprints, notary, and applicant photo needs.

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You'll receive a text when we are on our way. Ensure a clear area on your kitchen table or counter is available, with your documents and ID ready.


Ink-Roll Fingerprints

We've arrived! Time to start rolling your fingerprints. We strive to complete fingerprint services within 15 minutes.We'll supply everything, including the FD-258 card. 


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Our Doctors


I'm Monique 


I am the Founder and CEO of JOCO Mobile Fingerprinting.  You're probably wondering where is the rest of the team? Well, as a small business I also serve as the fingerprint technician, notary, and photographer. That means you get to see me at every appointment ,well, until we grow ; ) .... and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Interested in learning more about me ? or want to connect on social media ? Click on the links below!

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Women owned& Operated-Monique Sanders

Client Reviews

This was great! Monique arrived on time and was incredibly nice and professional. It was a great experience and I will definitely use them again the next time I need to get fingerprinted!

Jennifer, Registered Nurse

Our Clients


We travel to you!





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